Who KNEW Quartz was so AMAZING?

In honor of Earth Day, let’s chat about three really interesting earthy stones. They are all related, just like the interconnected web of life on this great planet, but they remain distinct and each serve a special purpose. Three members of the chalcedony/quartz family, Carnelian, Chrysoprase, and Blue Chalcedony, all have wonderful luminous qualities, but they have unique and beautiful personalities.


Carnelian, which is a gorgeous fire-red-orange variety of chalcedony, is very spicy and assertive. It reminds me of fresh paprika! Energetically, it is a call to action. It has a presence that fuels the impulse to create, to be prosperous, and be determined. It evokes courage and ambition. Wear carnelian to enhance your will-power and strengthen your resolve!

Try this ring on for size~ it’s a power suit for your finger! Be unstoppable.


An apple-green variety of chalcedony, chrysoprase activates your deep sense of compassion. It pulls on the heart strings and carries a message of abundance and health. It is a great companion in meditation and helps to calm and relax the nervous system. Wear your chrysoprase when you choose to focus on nourishment and growth.

Go forth and prosper in these verdant hoops! They are yours for the taking!


Soft soothing blue chalcedony has a watery, softening effect on body, mind, and spirit. It is reassuring and centering. It is aligned with the Throat Chakra, and encourages you to speak your truth. Lovely to gaze into, blue chalcedony holds light and seems to glow from within… kind of like YOU!

Wow, you two should meet! Really. Here’s one. I think she likes you.


I hope you learned something here today. I really enjoyed really seeing these gemological cousins next to each other.

I mean, WHO KNEW Quartz was so AMAZING?


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April, The Month of Opening

Birth of Venus

April is a tempestuous month, bringing weather that baffles the senses and ruins any attempt at a hairstyle. It warms and cools, in many places it rains like rain will never end. It is unpredictable and necessary. This is how life is created, in chaos!


Rose Quartz Spiral Statement Ring

The name April comes from the Latin word aperire, which means “to open”…. Open our eyes to see new life pushing up through the cracks, open hearts to fresh experiences of love, open our windows so that fresh air can cleanse our minds.


This month is sacred to Venus, the Roman Goddess of Beauty, Desire, Fertility, and Prosperity. Venus is one of the most celebrated deities of the ancients. She is the goddess of beauty, the mother of love, and the queen of laughter.



In Roman times in street-speak, that means SHE ROCKED THE FREE WORLD….


Rose Quartz Gyspy Hoops

The beauty of new life, babies, and seedlings is apparent… Where is fresh new beauty sprouting in your life? Have you made a new friend? Do you find your heart enchanted by something new?


Desire, too often narrowly defined as wanting or wishing something to possess, can also be seen as the driving force of all life. We desire love, friendship, and the comforts of family… but we also desire growth, new experiences, and the pleasures of lively health! What is your heart’s desire? What are you pursuing during this season of fresh growth?

Planting, Tending, Weeding, Reaping, it’s all a cycle….

Rose Quartz Goddess Earrings

April represents a month of increasing fertility…. Changes can be subtle or obvious. I am experiencing fertility in my mind, through integrating things I have learned in an online course I just completed. I feel fertility in my creative life, as I dream up new designs… rose quartz has been calling me, and I have a handful of really juicy gemstones to muse over. My heart feels fertile right now, open and receptive to new seeds of friendship. In what ways are you finding yourself fertile this April? Have you learned something new that is beginning to take root in your life?



Fertility is more than new projects, it is also the ripening of mature ones….


Rose Quartz Custom Statement Ring

Yesterday the skies became overcast as fierce cool winds blew in some heavy gray clouds… but no rain was in the forecast. But I KNEW. The sweet scent of petrichor enveloped me and my whole body was full of anticipation. When it began to rain, I felt a strong sense of gratitude creep over me, as if the rain were a direct gift to me. Ahhh, blessings from the earth begin to flow more freely right now, adding to a deep sense of prosperity. Asparagus, arugula, lots of lovely greens for munching, all provided to us for our replenishment after the lean months of winter. Although many of us may not experience the fasting pressed upon us by meager stores of food wearing thin after a long winter, we can certainly appreciate the fresh bounty of local produce appearing in farmers markets! Do you have a spring favorite? I think mine is asparagus….


In the name of love, Rose Quartz is on the menu for April, calling you to honor the Beauty, Desire, Fertility, and Prosperity in your life. Embrace Spring, vive l’amour!

Rose Quartz Samsara Medallion

Where is fresh new beauty sprouting in your life?

What is your heart’s desire?

How are you feeling fertility right now?

In what ways is prosperity manifesting for you?

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Rose Quartz – Element of Love

It has been raining a lot in Texas these days…. watering the soil, replenishing the groundwaters, greening up the flora. I have always loved rain. It makes me think of things that nourish the deepest part of our souls…. Things like love. Not love with a capital letter, not love with an object attached, but love as an ever-present element in our lives that softens our soil, that sweetens our fruit.

The history of rose quartz has long been interwoven with the element of love. Rose quartz has been a part of the lives of humans for eons. In present day Iran, rose quartz beads have been found that are over 9000 years old. One ancient legend says that Eros and Cupid brought the lovely pink stone to earth in order to arouse love among people.

Rose Cut Rose Quartz Scroll Earrings www.etsy.com/shop/anitashultz
Rose Cut Rose Quartz Scroll Earrings

Rose quartz is a microcrystalline form of quartz with a soft pink glow. Just like love isn’t entirely understood, the color of rose quartz isn’t easily explained. The closest explanation is that it is a variety of quartz with impurities of manganese, titanium and colloidal gold. It is found mostly in Brazil, but also in South Africa, Mozambique, India, and the U.S. Rose quartz from some places shows asterism, which is a rare star shaped light effect.

Star Rose Quartz www.minerals.net
Star Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a fairly durable stone, with a hardness of 7 on Moh’s scale, just like amethyst and citrine, which are other quartz types. Because of this, it is suitable for wearing in most types of jewelry. Most often it is polished into a cabochon shape (flat on the bottom, rounded on the top). I always think of candy when I see them…. I imagine that they taste like watermelon. It is also pretty common to find them as beads, tumbled stones, or sometimes carvings.

Rose quartz is traditionally the stone that commemorates the fifth wedding anniversary. Thousands of years ago, it was used as a betrothal stone, often given in the form of a necklace with rose quartz beads. The most famous rose quartz is La Madona Rosa, over 15 inches tall, which is named for its resemblance to traditional depictions of the Virgin Mary.

La Madona Rosa courtesy of http://www2.heritagestatic.com/
La Madona Rosa courtesy of http://www2.heritagestatic.com/

Considered to be an aspect of Goddess energy, rose quartz represents unconditional love, compassion and peace, tenderness and healing. It is commonly chosen to represent the Feminine Principle. It resonates with the heart chakra, which is a very wonderful reason to wear it near your heart as a pendant.

Rose quartz can be used as a transformational crystal. It can help you align your heart for a fresh start. For this reason, I love to create rings with rose quartz, believing they can help you find your way to the path with the greatest love available for you. They can act as a reminder to seek out compassion in yourself and others.

Sterling silver rose quartz ring www.etsy.com/shop/anitashultz
Sterling silver rose quartz ring

I have recently fallen in love all over again with rose quartz, and you’ll see more and more of it in my designs… the soft pink tones are luminous and dreamy. Please take a look let me know what you think. Are you inspired by the soft and tender qualities of love? By the feminine qualities of compassion and peace? Try on some rose quartz and look for your transformation. It’s gentle, it comes on sweet, and it creates space for new growth.

For some ideas, check out these links:









Moonstoned – Under the Spell of Feldspar

I don’t remember exactly when I was first introduced to moonstones, but I know that once I got to know them, I loved them. Moonstones are sweet treasures, holders of light, and in some cultures are considered holy. In fact, Hindu lore holds that they are actually solidified moonbeams. I know that I have a certain reverence for them, and that they have a certain feminine power that few other gemstones possess. They way their crystalline structure holds light is called adularescence….light rays are refracted and scattered within the stone, causing them to appear to glow from within.

rainbow moonstone lucky energy earrings by anita shultz
rainbow moonstone lucky energy earrings by anita shultz http://www.etsy.com/shop/anitashultz

Moonstones have a wide range of appearances…. some of the rarest specimens from Sri Lanka are nearly transparent, with a blue glow that moves around the stone as the viewer’s position changes. The color is quite elusive and seems to have a three dimensional quality inside the gem. There is also rainbow moonstone, mostly from Brazil, the US, and Australia, which is less transparent, yet still holds the playful blue flashes that tantalize the viewer with their movement.

Many of the moonstones from India range from white to gray to green to orange to brown. These are most often cut in cabochons, but sometimes they are carved with faces or into leaves. They display a play of light often referred to as chatoyancy, which is the fibrous “cat’s eye” effect often seen in tiger’s eye or some types of highly polished wood. The white moonstones are the most common of these, and they can range from very translucent to almost opaque. Some varieties also have asterism chatoyancy, also known as star moonstone. These are hard to come by, but oh, so lovely…. mesmerizing.

star moonstone by gemselect.com
star moonstone by gemselect.com

Moonstones have long been used in the creation of sacred objects, jewelry, and talismans. It is known through many cultures as a “traveller’s stone” and is believed to bring luck and protection when travelling, like on a moonlit night. Because of its connection with love and romance, in Victorian times it was often used as an engagement ring.

I especially love the connection throughout cultures of moonstones with goddess energy, especially the moon goddess. Moonstone is thought to invoke a greater sense of intuition, connection to introspection and emotional understanding…finding the light source within.

I love to use moonstones in rings… rings are for the wearer, to be admired and enjoyed every single time you look at your hands, which is really quite often. I love to use moonstones in earrings… earrings are for the people who would look upon the wearer, who would be mesmerized and tantalized by the shimmer and glow. I love to use moonstone in pendants, worn close to the heart or the throat. Pendants are a special type of jewelry that affects the wearer and the viewer equally. There is something about sensing a piece of jewelry on your skin, right at your heart chakra… knowing that it is in some way transmitting something about your energy to those that see it.

Whatever your reason for being drawn to moonstone, there is a moonstone out there just for you. Are you fascinated by rainbow moonstone? Me, too. I just love working with it…. in fact, I have a bunch of loose stones on the way to me right now. I can hardly wait to fall in love with them!

Here’s the link to the ring design in the first photo:


Check out the array of moonstone earrings in my etsy shop:






Stepping in….Welcome to my world….

Anita Shultz

I am an artist. I make one of a kind fine handmade jewelry. I love gemstones, I love metal. It was only natural I would evolve this way. I am interested in the tactile aspects of jewelry, and how it is a form of art we carry on our body. It is a very intimate item. Often jewelry is made to honor life’s most wonderful moments. I have been blessed and fulfilled to be a trusted custom jeweler for almost 25 years, weaving life’s stories into metal and stone.

It’s funny somehow that this sounds glamorous to some people…usually it involves being covered in abrasive or polishing compound, listening to the buzz of the ultrasonic and the schick-schick-schick of the tumbler. I have been devoid of a manicure for years and I wash my hands so often my knuckles are chapped. Every so often when I’m working I’ll get an itch on the end of my nose, or near my eye, and end up looking like a prize fighter by the next time I check the mirror. My wardrobe choices reflect a necessary wash and wear mentality, and my shoes are somehow always dirty. On an even more glamorous note, I have begun to wear house shoes while I work, since I can toss them in the washing machine when they start leaving footprints….

I know I’m on the right path for me, though. I can spend hours in silence sawing out intricate shapes, filing, hammering and sanding, time standing still. I love the sound metal makes, the way light makes its surfaces sparkle. I even love the gritty feel of metal dust covering my hands. The best part is when all is said and done, the surface sparkles and is set with lovely gems, and it becomes a receptacle for interpretation, for sentiments, for memories…a gift worth giving, a treasure worth receiving.

(And so much fun to make!)

Currently I showcase almost all of my designs on my facebook page, Jewelweed Sprouts. I market many designs in my etsy shop, anitashultz. I offer custom designs through my etsy shop, as well. Some of my work is sold through stores like Capone’s Fine Jewelry in Blacksburg, VA, Raiford Gallery in Roswell, GA, Christie’s Jewelers in San Marcos, TX, and ib designs in St. Croix, USVI. More on my experiences as a jeweler in St. Croix later.