labradorite and rainbow moonstone

Dreaming About Gemstones

Swimming through blue shimmers in a rainbow moonstone, wading through a shallow bay charged by a sea floor of citrine, clutching a brilliant rutilated quartz…seeing gemstones in dreams is like diving straight into archetypal waters, receiveing information in the form of ancient symbols. I love waking up from dreams like this….I immediately seek out the stone and ponder its message.

We all dream…even folks who say they don’t. Heck, even cows dream. But some dreams are simply more compelling to remember…dreams that frighten us, dreams that confuse us, dreams about love, and for me, dreams that have gemstones in them.

Last night was all about rainbow moonstone…I was touching them, considering their play of color, and sometimes even experiencing them from the inside….like “What’s it like to BE a rainbow moonstone?” I woke up strongly connecting to my sense of being a woman…so much so that I needed a heating pad for my lower abdomen, if you know what I mean.

The lesson I received from this dream was to honor my Divine Feminine, to relax my more aggressive qualities of being a “Rock Star” every day, to allow for the natural ebb and flow of energy in my life. Today I chose to surrender to what IS in my life today, to feel the fatigue that sometimes graces this time of the month, and to embrace the invitation to go within and be still. Today I will receive, I will listen. I accept the healing.

Thanks, Rainbow Moonstone, for your gentle guidance.

Om Lila, colored pencil drawing by Anita Shultz, 2015
The goddess at rest, colored pencil drawing by Anita Shultz, 2015


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