Moonstone Silver Spiral Statement Ring, Goddess Ring


Moonstone is a very calming and soothing stone. It encourages feelings of love and peace. It is a great stone to support your Goddess Energy!

You will find yourself wearing this all the time. This Silver Spiral Moonstone Statement Ring has a bohemian feel. Its shimmery neutral hues go with everything in your wardrobe, and it sits so comfortably on your finger that you won’t ever want to be without it! The feel of the ring is luxurious and ample, and it is very well-balanced and will feel right at home on your hand.


This beautiful Moonstone Silver Spiral Statement Ring is overflowing with Goddess Energy. The oval moonstone is 12mm long by 10mm wide. It is flanked on each side by a silver spiral. The ring is created from sterling silver wire, forged into smooth organic lines. The spread of the ring on the top of the finger is about 5/8 inch (17mm) wide, and in the back, the shank is a comfortable 4mm. It arrives packaged in a beautiful box with a lovely ribbon and a polishing cloth, ready for gift giving, but also fun to open for yourself!


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