Labradorite Long Silver Marquise and Teardrop Goddess Earrings, One of a Kind


Adorn your Inner Goddess. Step into the sensation of “Empress”. You will feel your spine straighten, your gaze soften, and your gait slow to a leisurely pace.

Regally, as you turn your head, your earrings glow with flashes of deep ocean blue and tropical cerulean blue…. as if you were Queen of the Waters of Earth.

Sensing your power, radiating from within, you feel benevolent and eternal. Wow, all this in a pair of earrings?

I say, YES.



Wonderfully unique and elegant, these long labradorite earrings are a great length for parties, or when you want to feel like an Empress. The 16mm x 8mm  marquise shapes and ample 18mm x 13mm teardrops playfully flash different shades of blue. The earrings are 2 5/8 inch long and just over 1/2 inch wide.

They have a substantial feel and great swing, and they look very mystical and sexy.


Get your Moon Goddess on in these juicy drop earrings today!



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