Labradorite Hammered Silver Moon Goddess Pendant, One of a Kind


Deep and mysterious as a moonlit lagoon, this incredible labradorite seems to hold the secrets of the ocean. Designed as a vessel symbol, it appears to be a vial of magic, resting on a crescent moon, held up by two white topaz stars.

Carry your own magic with you, everywhere you go. Allow your movements to be naturally touched by the moon and the stars. Labradorite can help nourish your destiny, help you navigate new waters with confidence. Let your body be the ocean, and make waves!


The deep indigo, aqua, and bright blue flashes of color cover the entire surface of this 1 1/8 inch juicy labradorite. It is accented by another 6mm labradorite and two 2mm sparkly white topaz. The hammered silver pendant is 2 1/2 inches long and 1 inch wide. It comes on a 16 inch sterling silver cable chain, and makes a very captivating statement… It has an elegance all its own. The colors are downright addictive!

Your pendant will ship out within 2 days of your order, and will be packaged in a lovely box with a pretty ribbon. Your gorgeous pendant is soon to become your most favorite amulet! It’s completely one of a kind, there is no other. Don’t let it slip away! Toss it in your cart today!




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