Labradorite Balinese Swirl Medallion Earrings, Limited Edition


Gorgeous glowing aqua, green, and shades of blue dance in these powerful earrings. They speak of elegance, presence, and confidence. These are the earrings that tell the story of the Empress, the wise, abundant, and benevolent one.

You will walk taller, speak more succinctly, and make excellent decisions. You are capable and prepared. Oh! AND you’re really well-dressed!

Let your first excellent decision be to click now! There are only be three of these in the WHOLE WORLD!




Regal and rich, these Labradorite Balinese Swirl Medallion Earrings make you feel like an Empress. The earrings are 1 1/2 inch (40mm) long and just over 7/8 inch (23mm) in diameter. They swing comfortably from a 19ga earwire, and the aqua and green flashes in the labradorites look like mermaid scales. The gemstones are luminous 10mm round labradorite cabochons, bezel set in fine silver on a frame of shiny sterling silver. The texture on the silver is delicate and swirly. They are made individually by hand, and the gemstones all have unique color variations, which means no two are exactly alike! Your earrings will ship out within 1-3 days of your order, and will arrive packaged in a pouch in a pretty gift box with a polishing cloth and includes rubber ear guards.


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