Hammered Silver Radiant Moon Goddess Pendant, One of a Kind


How many times have you gazed up at the Moon, rejoicing in the pleasure of Her light? Have you ever been humbled by the sight of a rising Full Moon? When She is waning, almost gone, do you strain to seek out the edge of her dark silhouette?

Generous with her energy, the Maiden of the Moon sends shimmering waves of moonbeams down in sweet benevolence… radiating her special presence even on the darkest night.

She inspires us to be steadfast, but ever-changing. She guides us through the cycles of our lives. She lights our path through the darkness. Sometimes, in Her great Yin power, She even blots out the sun….

Embrace your changes, your darkness, and be generous with your light…


Distinctively feminine, this Moon Goddess has waves of silver radiating down to a blue flash marquise labradorite. A 4mm rainbow moonstone floats above her forehead, as her eyes gaze peacefully outward. The features on the finely carved bone face are peaceful and sweet. The one of a kind pendant measures 3 1/4 inches by 1 5/8 inches, and arrives on a 16 inch sterling silver cable chain. The beautiful hammered silver texture shimmers like moonbeams, while the labradorite glimmers like the ocean in the moonlight!

Your pendant will ship out within 2 days of your order, and will be packaged in a lovely box with a pretty ribbon. This piece is really a lovely conversation piece, and as you get to know her, the beautiful Maiden of the Moon will become one of your favorite pieces.

This is a truly one of a kind, magical, and enchanting piece. You will love her as much as I do…


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