The Queen of Heaven, a Collection of Rainbow Moonstone, Spirals, and Lots of Light

Drifting weightlessly on currents in the sky, the Queen of Heaven directs the weather of life on Earth. She influences fertility and sexuality, and She is often associated with the planet Venus. Birthed from the first primordial sound, the story goes that She then became the Mother of Ten Thousand Things… kind of like how WE become the Mother of Ten Thousand Things once the ball gets rolling in the morning, and sometimes even before!


rainbow moonstone hammered silver goddess one of a kind pendant
rainbow moonstone silver spiral dangle earrings
rainbow moonstone silver spiral dangle earrings

The Queen of Heaven Collection was inspired by the idea of the natural mother of all things, the benevolent and compassionate nurturer of all life. She witnesses all, never judges, smiling sweetly upon everyone…. Based on the natural phenomenon of wind, rain, rainbows, radiating light, and the movement of the shapes in the sky, this collection is rich with rainbow moonstone, white topaz, and shimmering spirals shaped like towering cumulus clouds.


Rainbow moonstone, aside from being one of my very favorite stones, was the perfect choice for this collection. Rainbow moonstone is a stone that enhances compassion through opening the heart to give and receive love. It also stimulates kundalini energy and is said to be the ultimate fertility stone! Well, I don’t have direct experience with THAT, but I do know that it carries a lovely light and some of them have WHOLE RAINBOWS in them!



rainbow moonstone rolling clouds one of a kind pendant
rainbow moonstone rolling clouds one of a kind pendant

I sprinkled bits of white topaz here and there throughout the collection. White topaz has a history of being one of the favorite stones of the Angels who guard the gates to Paradise. Its sparkle is bright, white, and radiates a little spark of yum in some of the pieces!


I will be introducing the collection piece by piece on my facebook page, beginning Monday, February 12th. If you are a member of the facebook group, Friends Who Like Jewelweed Sprouts, there is a contest going on in there during the first week! If you aren’t a member, what are you waiting for?

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My Luminous Muse, The Moon Goddess

It’s a beautiful summer night. Sitting on the mountainside, overlooking the valley, a tremendous light grows brighter and brighter… it is the glorious Moon, rising in the starry sky. Many a bard has sung of her glory, many lovers have taken refuge in her gaze. We all carry a story of her greatness, and we all hold love for her in our soul.

Dreaming Moon Goddess Pendant (SOLD)

Who is the Moon Goddess? She is called by many names, as many names as there have been peoples on this Great Earth. She is the Queen of Change, flying across the sky in a myriad of costumes throughout the year. She reigns over cycles and planting and especially, the Intuitive Knowing of Women. She lights our Night Sky and illuminates shadows. The Moon Goddess rolls the waves and shapes the shores of our lives with her Eternal Wisdom.


She is known for her Great Beauty, and is adored in her fullness… ripe and ready to bring forth new life. We have held her responsible for childbirth, fertility, and the victorious hunt. We call her the Lover of the Sun, ever reflecting the generosity of spirit. She is Goddess of Compassion as well as Death.


Her roles may be many, but she is ever faithful to her tasks. As the Native South American goddess, Yemanja, she is represented by the waxing moon, growing in size, Protector of Children and Motherhood. The Greek goddess, Selene, is represented by the full moon and is depicted as a woman riding sidesaddle pulling the Chariot of the Moon across the heavens. Cerridwen, the Crone Goddess, represented by the waning crescent moon, is known for her cauldron of wisdom.


New Moon Goddess Ring

Whatever guise she may be wearing tonight, she draws our gaze magnetically. She charges our dreams with Intuition and Wisdom, and she controls the flow of the waters of our lives. My new collection, Moon Goddess, pays homage to her diversity and her continuity. I chose labradorite and rainbow moonstone to capture the essence of her light in all of her phases.


Moon Goddess will be available on June 10th, 2017, immediately after the full Strawberry Moon, right here at jewelweedsprouts.com. She will be the cornerstone of the fortuitous launch of my online shop! I can hardly wait! Sign up for my newsletter and be among the first to see her here!


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April, The Month of Opening

Birth of Venus

April is a tempestuous month, bringing weather that baffles the senses and ruins any attempt at a hairstyle. It warms and cools, in many places it rains like rain will never end. It is unpredictable and necessary. This is how life is created, in chaos!


Rose Quartz Spiral Statement Ring

The name April comes from the Latin word aperire, which means “to open”…. Open our eyes to see new life pushing up through the cracks, open hearts to fresh experiences of love, open our windows so that fresh air can cleanse our minds.


This month is sacred to Venus, the Roman Goddess of Beauty, Desire, Fertility, and Prosperity. Venus is one of the most celebrated deities of the ancients. She is the goddess of beauty, the mother of love, and the queen of laughter.



In Roman times in street-speak, that means SHE ROCKED THE FREE WORLD….


Rose Quartz Gyspy Hoops

The beauty of new life, babies, and seedlings is apparent… Where is fresh new beauty sprouting in your life? Have you made a new friend? Do you find your heart enchanted by something new?


Desire, too often narrowly defined as wanting or wishing something to possess, can also be seen as the driving force of all life. We desire love, friendship, and the comforts of family… but we also desire growth, new experiences, and the pleasures of lively health! What is your heart’s desire? What are you pursuing during this season of fresh growth?

Planting, Tending, Weeding, Reaping, it’s all a cycle….

Rose Quartz Goddess Earrings

April represents a month of increasing fertility…. Changes can be subtle or obvious. I am experiencing fertility in my mind, through integrating things I have learned in an online course I just completed. I feel fertility in my creative life, as I dream up new designs… rose quartz has been calling me, and I have a handful of really juicy gemstones to muse over. My heart feels fertile right now, open and receptive to new seeds of friendship. In what ways are you finding yourself fertile this April? Have you learned something new that is beginning to take root in your life?



Fertility is more than new projects, it is also the ripening of mature ones….


Rose Quartz Custom Statement Ring

Yesterday the skies became overcast as fierce cool winds blew in some heavy gray clouds… but no rain was in the forecast. But I KNEW. The sweet scent of petrichor enveloped me and my whole body was full of anticipation. When it began to rain, I felt a strong sense of gratitude creep over me, as if the rain were a direct gift to me. Ahhh, blessings from the earth begin to flow more freely right now, adding to a deep sense of prosperity. Asparagus, arugula, lots of lovely greens for munching, all provided to us for our replenishment after the lean months of winter. Although many of us may not experience the fasting pressed upon us by meager stores of food wearing thin after a long winter, we can certainly appreciate the fresh bounty of local produce appearing in farmers markets! Do you have a spring favorite? I think mine is asparagus….


In the name of love, Rose Quartz is on the menu for April, calling you to honor the Beauty, Desire, Fertility, and Prosperity in your life. Embrace Spring, vive l’amour!

Rose Quartz Samsara Medallion

Where is fresh new beauty sprouting in your life?

What is your heart’s desire?

How are you feeling fertility right now?

In what ways is prosperity manifesting for you?

Leave a comment here, or head over to the facebook group to chat about it with your friends!

"Awakening of Spring" by Michael Hiep

Glorious Goddess of March, Hreda

"Awakening of Spring" by Michael Hiep
“Awakening of Spring” by Michael Hiep

Awakening from deep in the earth, the waters sense the returning warmth of the sun, and begin the flow into another season. All the realms of this hemisphere begin to stir. Hreda, glorious goddess of March, has triumphed over the challenges of another winter, and is swiftly moving us forward into abundance. Hreda’s name (Anglo-Saxon) has been linked with victory and swiftness.

With the birth of Spring, we are met with a new growing season, fertility, and the loving embrace of the bounties of Mother Earth. One ritual many of us observe is “Spring Cleaning”, when we cultivate the readiness of our home to provide us with nourishment, healing, sanctity, and comfort.

Hreda has also been called a goddess of hearth and home. She stands in the threshold, smoothing our transitions not only through the twilight time between Winter and Spring, but also our daily explorations into the world, and returning to the safety of our dens, where we find support and love.

Sometimes she is depicted as a warrior goddess, who defeats Winter, and clears the way for the new growth and abundance of Spring. She encourages the continuation of life in all its varied forms. In her role as goddess of fertility, we can sense the quickening of our ardor for life.


Artio, (Swiss) Bear Goddess
Artio, the bear Goddess who hibernates during the Winter. Her return heralds the beginning of Spring.

In this month of Hredmonath (March), allow yourself to be stirred into consciousness after the long hibernation. We enthusiastically and optimistically embrace the adventures yet to come.

We may have challenges ahead of us in the coming year. Aquamarine, the birthstone for the month of March, encourages selfless service and lighthearted happiness. Strengthen your courage in speech through wearing an aquamarine pendant near your throat chakra.

Take bold strides into this new world, knowing that you will find renewal when you return to your home. Honor your transitions, take note of your comforts, and embrace all the experiences of your incarnation. Spring is emerging!

Spring Gemstone Matrix by silvermoonspirit
Spring Gemstone Altar of rose quartz, aquamarine, and quartz points by silvermoonspirit