Have you ever felt a sudden flash of knowing? Have you ever been overcome with deep compassion that seemed beyond the realm of human emotion? Have you ever had instant courage at exactly the right moment to do or say something you ordinarily wouldn’t?

I believe these moments that happen to us all are a form of Grace, made possible by a thread of energy our ancestors began spinning eons ago. This thread weaves its way through every human ever born, and it is made stronger each time we share our stories. Archetypes, myths, legends, even our own cosmologies add to and expand our awareness of human capabilities.

From ancient symbols, fairy tales, and tales of long ago gods and goddesses, we can derive strength and reason that we can use to add meaning to our lives. Often these stories are anchored to some of the more constant aspects of life on planet Earth, like the Moon, gemstones, and natural phenomena.

Ever since I can remember, I have held this planet sacred… from wooded hiding places where clear streams babble, to the inexplicable beauty of moonlight on the ocean. There is healing to be found in the elements of Earth, and gemstones are like sweet little love notes from our Mother. I use them in my designs as part of the energy of the piece.

My name is Anita Shultz, and I create special objects, more than simply adornment. My designs continue the story, they strengthen the thread to your archetypes, to Earth, and to your higher self. Each piece asks you to remember, to hold tightly to the stories of greatness and the visions of a better world. YOU hold the power to become the vessel for the Goddess to act through. You can amplify any of your strengths at will and inspire others to do the same. I believe, that if you accept your own personal magic, your world will change for the better, every day, and in all the best ways.

Now float your divine self over to my shop, and find the piece that inspires you!

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  1. Anita, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your incredible artworks with the rest of us! I have the pleasure of caring for and wearing (not just “owning”) many of your pieces and cherish each one dearly! Your inspiration gives me inspiration each time I put one of your creations on my ears, neck or fingers. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Danna!… This reminds me of the sentiments of Elizabeth Taylor concerning her jewelry collection… She felt she didn’t OWN the pieces, but that she was a caretaker of them. What a lovely thing, that you are inspired by my work! I consider that the highest compliment.

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