Glorious Goddess of March, Hreda

"Awakening of Spring" by Michael Hiep
“Awakening of Spring” by Michael Hiep

Awakening from deep in the earth, the waters sense the returning warmth of the sun, and begin the flow into another season. All the realms of this hemisphere begin to stir. Hreda, glorious goddess of March, has triumphed over the challenges of another winter, and is swiftly moving us forward into abundance. Hreda’s name (Anglo-Saxon) has been linked with victory and swiftness.

With the birth of Spring, we are met with a new growing season, fertility, and the loving embrace of the bounties of Mother Earth. One ritual many of us observe is “Spring Cleaning”, when we cultivate the readiness of our home to provide us with nourishment, healing, sanctity, and comfort.

Hreda has also been called a goddess of hearth and home. She stands in the threshold, smoothing our transitions not only through the twilight time between Winter and Spring, but also our daily explorations into the world, and returning to the safety of our dens, where we find support and love.

Sometimes she is depicted as a warrior goddess, who defeats Winter, and clears the way for the new growth and abundance of Spring. She encourages the continuation of life in all its varied forms. In her role as goddess of fertility, we can sense the quickening of our ardor for life.


Artio, (Swiss) Bear Goddess
Artio, the bear Goddess who hibernates during the Winter. Her return heralds the beginning of Spring.

In this month of Hredmonath (March), allow yourself to be stirred into consciousness after the long hibernation. We enthusiastically and optimistically embrace the adventures yet to come.

We may have challenges ahead of us in the coming year. Aquamarine, the birthstone for the month of March, encourages selfless service and lighthearted happiness. Strengthen your courage in speech through wearing an aquamarine pendant near your throat chakra.

Take bold strides into this new world, knowing that you will find renewal when you return to your home. Honor your transitions, take note of your comforts, and embrace all the experiences of your incarnation. Spring is emerging!

Spring Gemstone Matrix by silvermoonspirit
Spring Gemstone Altar of rose quartz, aquamarine, and quartz points by silvermoonspirit

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