Moonstoned – Under the Spell of Feldspar

I don’t remember exactly when I was first introduced to moonstones, but I know that once I got to know them, I loved them. Moonstones are sweet treasures, holders of light, and in some cultures are considered holy. In fact, Hindu lore holds that they are actually solidified moonbeams. I know that I have a certain reverence for them, and that they have a certain feminine power that few other gemstones possess. They way their crystalline structure holds light is called adularescence….light rays are refracted and scattered within the stone, causing them to appear to glow from within.

rainbow moonstone lucky energy earrings by anita shultz
rainbow moonstone lucky energy earrings by anita shultz

Moonstones have a wide range of appearances…. some of the rarest specimens from Sri Lanka are nearly transparent, with a blue glow that moves around the stone as the viewer’s position changes. The color is quite elusive and seems to have a three dimensional quality inside the gem. There is also rainbow moonstone, mostly from Brazil, the US, and Australia, which is less transparent, yet still holds the playful blue flashes that tantalize the viewer with their movement.

Many of the moonstones from India range from white to gray to green to orange to brown. These are most often cut in cabochons, but sometimes they are carved with faces or into leaves. They display a play of light often referred to as chatoyancy, which is the fibrous “cat’s eye” effect often seen in tiger’s eye or some types of highly polished wood. The white moonstones are the most common of these, and they can range from very translucent to almost opaque. Some varieties also have asterism chatoyancy, also known as star moonstone. These are hard to come by, but oh, so lovely…. mesmerizing.

star moonstone by
star moonstone by

Moonstones have long been used in the creation of sacred objects, jewelry, and talismans. It is known through many cultures as a “traveller’s stone” and is believed to bring luck and protection when travelling, like on a moonlit night. Because of its connection with love and romance, in Victorian times it was often used as an engagement ring.

I especially love the connection throughout cultures of moonstones with goddess energy, especially the moon goddess. Moonstone is thought to invoke a greater sense of intuition, connection to introspection and emotional understanding…finding the light source within.

I love to use moonstones in rings… rings are for the wearer, to be admired and enjoyed every single time you look at your hands, which is really quite often. I love to use moonstones in earrings… earrings are for the people who would look upon the wearer, who would be mesmerized and tantalized by the shimmer and glow. I love to use moonstone in pendants, worn close to the heart or the throat. Pendants are a special type of jewelry that affects the wearer and the viewer equally. There is something about sensing a piece of jewelry on your skin, right at your heart chakra… knowing that it is in some way transmitting something about your energy to those that see it.

Whatever your reason for being drawn to moonstone, there is a moonstone out there just for you. Are you fascinated by rainbow moonstone? Me, too. I just love working with it…. in fact, I have a bunch of loose stones on the way to me right now. I can hardly wait to fall in love with them!

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