Stepping in….Welcome to my world….

Anita Shultz

I am an artist. I make one of a kind fine handmade jewelry. I love gemstones, I love metal. It was only natural I would evolve this way. I am interested in the tactile aspects of jewelry, and how it is a form of art we carry on our body. It is a very intimate item. Often jewelry is made to honor life’s most wonderful moments. I have been blessed and fulfilled to be a trusted custom jeweler for almost 25 years, weaving life’s stories into metal and stone.

It’s funny somehow that this sounds glamorous to some people…usually it involves being covered in abrasive or polishing compound, listening to the buzz of the ultrasonic and the schick-schick-schick of the tumbler. I have been devoid of a manicure for years and I wash my hands so often my knuckles are chapped. Every so often when I’m working I’ll get an itch on the end of my nose, or near my eye, and end up looking like a prize fighter by the next time I check the mirror. My wardrobe choices reflect a necessary wash and wear mentality, and my shoes are somehow always dirty. On an even more glamorous note, I have begun to wear house shoes while I work, since I can toss them in the washing machine when they start leaving footprints….

I know I’m on the right path for me, though. I can spend hours in silence sawing out intricate shapes, filing, hammering and sanding, time standing still. I love the sound metal makes, the way light makes its surfaces sparkle. I even love the gritty feel of metal dust covering my hands. The best part is when all is said and done, the surface sparkles and is set with lovely gems, and it becomes a receptacle for interpretation, for sentiments, for memories…a gift worth giving, a treasure worth receiving.

(And so much fun to make!)

Currently I showcase almost all of my designs on my facebook page, Jewelweed Sprouts. I market many designs in my etsy shop, anitashultz. I offer custom designs through my etsy shop, as well. Some of my work is sold through stores like Capone’s Fine Jewelry in Blacksburg, VA, Raiford Gallery in Roswell, GA, Christie’s Jewelers in San Marcos, TX, and ib designs in St. Croix, USVI. More on my experiences as a jeweler in St. Croix later.


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